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Every season our Product Developers travel the globe in search of inspiration for up-coming seasonal collections. From Seoul to New York, through to London the team soak-up the lifestyle and observe the fashion of each city they visit and bring back that special something that ends up building our seasonal collection. To give you a better insight into what the inspiration trip is all about we interviewed our Ladies Product Developers Robyn and Amy about their recent world trip. Continue reading to find out what is in store for Spring Summer 17, their tips for packing perfectly and their favourite spots around the world.

What does a typical inspiration trip day look like?

Amy: Luckily we both have similar likes and dislikes so we have become great travel buddies! Our days usually start off early at the hotel gym or if we are in New York - a nice walk to Central Park, as we still like to maintain a healthy lifestyle when we are overseas. Then we would meet up and head out for the day, this typically involves meetings with suppliers and agents, visiting art galleries, concept stores, going to fashion events and getting inspired by the city we’re in and what it has to offer. Then it’s an early dinner at one of our favourite restaurants and back to the hotel to do emails and follow up on any outstanding work. It’s not all as glamourous as it seems though - a lot of the time is spent travelling on planes and taxis as we are always on the go and between us we carry A LOT of luggage!

Travel Map

Were you inspired by any particular city on this trip?

Robyn: London is my favourite place for people watching. Their style is just effortlessly cool. I love that weather and seasonality don’t play a big part in people’s fashion. They wear what they want when they want – this mindset has definitely influenced our product creation for SS17 and AW18.

When you’re in a city where do you go for inspiration?

Robyn: Street style and people watching is a very interesting and exciting way to pick up on new trends, as we visit so many different cities each location has their own distinct style and take on trends.Concept stores are also a great place to find inspiration, I love looking at new store designs and layouts. Normally the trends in new concept stores mimic pop culture trends so it’s always a good indicator of what is going to be a major trend. Again – people watching in these spaces is also great for inspiration. These trips are really about trend forecasting, so we tend to go to places and areas where fashion is very apparent.


What did you see people wearing in the streets that influenced you for summer?

Amy: If I have to choose one, it would be the block heel sandal. Whether it’s dress or casual, they are continuing to be an important trend for SS17. This is great for the consumer as they are not only comfortable but super versatile and easy to wear. Minimalism and maximalism still play an important role for SS17, on one end minimalist sandals with clean simple lines and versatile fabrication become a staple but embellished uppers and interesting textures will add a playful approach to summer styling.

On our recent trip we really noticed that it’s all about hi-low fashion. People are rocking their designer bags or belts with a great pair of value shoes or jeans. I love this mix because the styling becomes very interesting and unique.

Favourite café in New York?

Bluestone lane - because they have an Aussie barista.

Favourite coffee shop in London?

Biscuiteers in Notting Hill.

Travel Tips

For this trip you really did a world tour! You travelled to Seoul, New York, London, India and China, how do you pack for five different countries and climates?

Amy: When we are travelling in a winter season it is definitely a harder task to pack. I think the key is to pack a lot of different layers, I always bring a heap of different t-shirts to get me through that can then be layered under jumpers and hoodies. Then a big warm coat is a must have for New York as you never know how cold it will be. Other than that jeans and a good leather jacket are my go to items as they are so versatile. When we are flying we go for comfort, usually an oversized hoodie and leggings but luckily active wear is so on trend at the moment!

Packing Tips

Packing tips?

1. Roll, don’t fold – It saves space and stops clothes getting crinkled.

2. Packing organisers – These keep everything contained, which is perfect when you’re constantly moving from city to city.

3. Compression bags – Perfect for saving space and keeping your clothes safe from any unwanted spills.

4. Pack basics – Bring basics that can easily match with everything else you have packed, this means you bring less but get more wear out of everything. If you’re worried about your outfits looking boring pack a pair of statement shoes and multiple pairs of earrings – these are an easy way to dress up a look without taking up too much space.

Tips for fighting jetlag?

1. Coffee – Need we say more?

2. Exercise - Getting outdoors in whichever city we’re in, just to get some fresh air and stretch the legs.

Packing Tips

In-flight Tips

1. Travel Uniform - Choose something comfortable and versatile, a classic tee, jeans, a bomber jacket or hoodie and sneakers.

2. Carry-all – Fly with two bags, a small bag which fits all your valuables and small essentials and a bigger bag – we love the JUNO duffle to fit your laptop, scarf blanket, larger valuables like your camera…

3. In-flight Entertainment – Always make sure you have plenty music on your phone and you have downloaded some films or series – noise cancelling headphones are a must. A good book and fashion magazines are essentials as well.

Favourite Betts shoes to wear while traveling and why?

Robyn: Loafers and sneakers are my travel staples. POSEY for when I’m running around all day, for when I want to look a bit smarter DREAM the faux fur loafer is my go-to.

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